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    savings book

    Capital savings accounts are characterised above all by the fixed interest rates for the entire agreed term. The interest rate ranges are different.

    Tip: Compare the conditions, it’s worth it. The following applies: The longer the investment period and the higher the amount invested, the more important it is to compare interest rates carefully. And the longer the investment period, the higher the interest rate. Pay attention to the minimum deposits.

    Fees and early termination:

    Consumers should pay attention to closure expenses. They can reduce the fee at the end of the term. Closure fees are negotiable. They are often waived if you reinvest your savings.

    If the capital savings account is closed prematurely, the interest rate is reduced in any case. In accordance with the statutory provisions, advance interest of one per mille per month of the unfulfilled commitment period is due in the event of an early withdrawal. Please enquire at your bank about the exact deductions.