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    The aim of this section is to teach you about the concept of saving and how to apply it.


    The objectives of this section are:

    • To introduce the concept of saving and think future-oriented in this context.
    • To teach basic skills in terms of interest rate and negative interest.
    • To give instructions on how to open a savings account and to compare different financial providers and offers.
    • To provide an overview of different savings products.
    • To encourage you to reflect on your personal needs and motivate you to resist trends and peer pressure and to consume based on your actual needs

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of this module, you will be able to

    1. understand the value and purpose of saving.
    2. understand the concept of (negative) interest.
    3. identify things to know when considering to open a savings account.
    4. become familiar with different savings products.
    5. be able to reflect what they need and what they want and are able to adjust their own attitude accordingly.

    Within this lesson you will learn all you have to know about savings and the possibilities to safe money yourself.

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