Eurospeak Language Schools (Coordinator)

    Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd, is a private English language school, accredited by the British Council, Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and are a UKVI licensed Tier 2 General and Tier 4 General of the points-based system. Established in 1991, we are an accredited Cambridge English exam centre and a Trinity College London teacher training centre. We offer a variety of language and vocational training courses. Our prime objective is to give all learners the best opportunity to improve their lives and aim to give them the necessary skills they need in both their personal and professional lives, to attain success. By helping them attain a good command of the skills they require, we are confident that our learners go on to lead successful and happy lives wherever they choose to live and work. We also value integrity and harmony between students, with their diversified cultures and nationalities in order to develop our own strong sense of community.


    Danmar Computers

    Danmar Computers LLC is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has an extensive experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes. Danmar also has long-term experience of carrying out European projects within which company’s R&D staff conducts research and prepares trainings tailored to the needs of various learners. During 15 years, Danmar has successfully implemented over 50 projects within Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Progress and recently Erasmus+. In many of these projects Danmar was responsible for designing and coordinating dissemination strategies. Danmar Computers is the developer and provider of AdminProject (, the on-line system for management of European projects. All activities of the company are based on wide and well-established cooperation network, both on national and international levels. The national networks include training and counselling institutions, universities, schools, non-governmental organisations as well as private sector companies. International network include partners of various profiles coming from every European Union’s country. Danmar Computer’s mission is the promotion of life-long education and assurance of equal access to education for everyone with the use of modern technology.


    Accion Laboral

    “Acción Laboral” is a non-profit organization, with a nationwide field of action with more than 20 offices and 100 employees. Acción Laboral has developed more than 100 comprehensive programmes of employment and training at national level, supporting more than 10.000 users and getting a relocation average of 50%. The name of the company, “Acción Laboral” (Labour Action), indicates its main activity, aimed at labour market insertion and outplacement, through the development of Integral Employment Plans and Training courses. The objectives of these programs are the improvement of employment services and professional integration for unemployed people, which include adult people with difficult labour insertion, people with disabilities, migrants, long-term unemployed people, young people without qualifications, women, people with low literacy skills, etc. “Acción Laboral” has developed a working method which allows the organization to carry out programs anywhere and in a clear-defined time, achieving very satisfying results. This organization has a social purpose, trying to help to improve the quality of life, pointing out its efforts to outplacement.
    Acción Laboral is specialized on training for adult people. Through some employment programmes, Acción Laboral implements training for mostly adult people working on transversal, communication and basic skills.


    Essenia UETP

    We are an Italian organization based in Salerno operating in the field of project management and training
    Our core activities are:

    • transnational mobility and EU projects: we plan and manage projects funded through different Programmes, mainly within Erasmus+ (Ka1, Ka2 and Sport). We have been accredited with The “VET Mobility Charter”, issued by the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ INAPP. This accreditation certifies the quality of the services provided in the framework of the KA1 mobility projects.
    • training: we design and deliver training courses (both insite and online) addressed to students, recent graduates, teachers and trainers, unemployed people, people looking for vocational retraining.
    • career guidance: we realize the matching activity between supply and demand to activate traineeship at companies within the European Programme ‘Youth Guarantee’ promoting the entrance into the world of work of young NEETs between 15 and 29.
    • consultancy services: we support public and private entities in planning and implementing European and National funded projects, carrying out also partnership building activity and administrative and financial paperwork Within the KA1 of Erasmus+ Programme, we provide logistical support, travel and transfer organization, procurement of placement, language training, intercultural and pedagogical preparation, monitoring, tutoring, paperwork, certification.



    SPES Zukunftsakademie “Future Academy”

    SPES (Latin word for “hope”) Future Academy is a private, non-governmental/non-profit educational center (in Schlierbach) with the aim of promoting sustainable development to ensure a good quality of life in rural areas for today´s and future generations. Four SPES project teams are working on potential areas of conflict (“hotspots”) in our society:

    • Regional development and civic participation
    • Family Academy & adult education
    • Sustainable business & management
    • Labour Foundation

    SPES also operates an own seminar hotel (with 70 beds) and focusses on regional, organic food and focuses on short ways and direct marketing for farmers and their agricultural products. Additionally, the hotel offers “Dinner in the Dark”. The SPES Future Academy uses the ISO 9001:2000 quality system and is certified with the Ö-Cert-Certificate as an adult education provider.