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    What are consumer rights?

    Price comparisons and cost estimates

    You can save a lot of money by comparing prices. The same applies if you ask for cost estimates for larger purchases.

    Regular price surveys repeatedly show large price differences for comparable or even identical products.  Therefore it is worthwhile for you to make comparisons before you buy. However, you can only do this if the prices are clearly marked. price markings are required by law. All goods must carry a price tag. No matter whether they are for sale in display windows, showcases, on sales stands, inside or outside the business premises. The only exceptions: Works of art and antiques.

    The company is obliged to indicate the gross price on the price label. This means including sales tax and all other taxes and surcharges.

    Save costs with cost estimates

    For larger orders we advise you to obtain a cost estimate beforehand. Ideally several at once! The Consumer Protection Act regulates which provisions apply. The most important regulations are:

    • A cost estimate is free of charge. Unless the company has previously advised you of the payment obligation
    • A cost estimate is binding if it has not been explicit declared non-binding.

    In your interest, a cost estimate should contain all ancillary work to avoid subsequent requests for changes and additional orders.